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Bundled Communications

Bundled Communications

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If your company is moving toward customer experience-based employee incentives, you’ve got your work cut out for you. Developing an effective compensation system that links customer satisfaction to employee rewards requires a clear understanding of what your customers expect, what “satisfaction” means to them, and how that affects your bottom line.

At Dynamark, we can help you develop and implement an email survey strategy to determine how well your company is meeting customer expectations. In addition to designing an email template that reflects your brand image, we can help you manage your email lists, develop a schedule and send your email surveys on time. We can even help you monitor the responses and analyze the data.

Along with regularly gauging your customers’ satisfaction, you’ll also need to rethink the training and tools your employees receive. Dynamark can help there too, by producing your training materials quickly and cost-effectively. We can also produce the tools your customer-facing employees need — such as motivational posters, procedure guides and more — to help them maximize customer experience at every opportunity.