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Add “POP” to your print with binding and finishing options

Add “POP” to your print with binding and finishing options

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Binding and finishing options from Dynamark can be combined to give your marketing and corporate materials more pop, more impact and more pulling power. Good impressions begin with how pages are held (or bound) together. Popular options include saddle-stitching, or the use of sturdy metal staples to secure the folded sheets of brochures, newsletters and even POP; perfect binding, sometimes called “adhesive binding,” uses glue or other material to invisibly affix pages to the cover or spine of a book or magazine; and plastic coil and comb bindings offer a fast, economical alternative for important proposals and presentations. For maximum creative effect, couple Dynamark binding methods with our impressive finishing treatments, such as die-cutting, foil stamping, laminating and others. Put an end to dull, drab documents.

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