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Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

Why Your Business Needs a Mobile Website

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Do you know why Google changed its entire platform from desktop websites to mobile-ready platforms? Because roughly 56% of consumer traffic to leading US websites is now from mobile devices according to SimilarWeb’s State of Mobile Web report.

A mobile website is built just like any other website and is hosted on a web server. The difference is that a mobile website is optimized for a small screen. According to the Small Business Authority, if your business already has a “regular” web site, you may already have a mobile website, too. On most next generation smartphones, the included web browser can render a website in nearly the same fashion and quality as the web browser on a PC. The main difference between a smartphone and a computer screen, of course, is the screen size.

Mobile website programming requirements vary depending on the functionality and complexity of the primary website. Highly complex sites with hundreds of pages or e-commerce, such as Amazon, require a greater degree of design and programming than a typical website, which is a more straightforward translation from one format to the other.

A mobile website is generally a good idea, since even a very simple “regular” website can appear too small to read or navigate for smartphone users who are increasingly “spoiled” by the predominance of mobile adaptations. This can lead to frustration and cause the user to abandon your site for one that is easier to use. Building a mobile website doesn’t have to be expensive—when allocating your budget dollars, remember that your web presence is increasingly the face of your company.