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Why SMB Marketers find digital sign systems so alluring

Why SMB Marketers find digital sign systems so alluring

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Businesses owe a debt of gratitude to banners, posters, POP and other traditional printed signage.

Economical and versatile, static signs have helped shape the public’s in-store experience for more than a century, and today still play a vital role in on-premise branding and promotion. But as tuned-in marketers know, there’s been a change afoot: the steady emergence of digital signs.

With prices dropping and usability rising, companies are pairing new media with old to create a more visually robust shopping environment. Retailers are especially smitten with the digital newcomer and all its eye-catching forms, including billboards, signboards, kiosks, and menus. Much of the appeal is how easily content can be created and displayed.

Even today’s more affordable systems offer unprecedented flexibility, including the ability to instantly change and combine visual assets–ranging from simple text, news crawls, and web pages to video clips and more. Some platforms even handle social-media feeds, which further expands your shopper-engagement opportunities. Professional marketers usually welcome promising advancements in the field (SEO, social media, chatbots, automation)–and now, digital signage. 

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