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Website Design Practices   that will come (and go) this year

Website Design Practices that will come (and go) this year

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

A company’s website is often the center of its marketing universe. For that reason, vigilant marketers routinely prioritize updating site content and imagery to keep them fresh, relevant, and appealing.

Here are some design trends experts say will come (and go) in 2020:  

1. Simplification. This will include a move toward fewer elements, minimalist ‘hamburger’ menu buttons, and bigger, bolder fonts. 

2. Background video. Marketing is increasingly visually driven, so putting video on the home page and elsewhere can engage viewers more effectively than static imagery. 

3. Voice user interface (VUI).
More to refine usability than aesthetics, VUI integration enables easier page navigation and streamlines online purchases for visually challenged users. 

1. Infinite scroll. Originally intended to eliminate pagination, experts feel this once-innovative technique has run its course. Objections include no clear navigation and too much information—both of which hurt engagement and conversions. Drawbacks with SEO and analytics also seriously limit site performance.  

2. Home page sliders. More designers will abandon them because of dubious user value and potentially poor mobile performance, including shrinking type, kludgy animations, and misaligned graphics-layers.