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Tell Me What You Want

Tell Me What You Want

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

(What You Really, Really Want)

Do you know what your customers really want? Gathering customer feedback can help you:

•    Gain a better understanding of why customers do business with you
•    Increase your customer retention and loyalty
•    Quickly solve customer challenges before they become major problems
•    Develop new products and services that generate additional customer purchases

According to Kyle LaMalfa, best practices director and loyalty expert for Allegiance, a company that specializes in employee and customer feedback solutions, most companies receive unsolicited customer feedback—via comments, suggestions, complaints, etc.—or by proactively soliciting feedback through surveys. However, many companies still struggle to manage and act upon that feedback in real time.

Furthermore, the number of channels through which customer feedback can be collected has risen—especially with the popularity of social media. The challenge this creates, says LaMalfa, is that companies do not always know what feedback is being captured—if any—who is capturing it, where it is being stored and who is responsible for following up on it.

Gathering feedback is the only way to truly know and understand your customers’ needs, wants, concerns, and issues, as well as to create more and lasting value for them. If you do not have the appropriate voice of the customer (VOC) programs and processes in place to support the collection, management and use of customer feedback, you are missing out on vital information that can affect your competitive edge. Now is the time to investigate methods and technologies to improve your feedback management processes—before your competition lures your customers away with theirs.