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Sure Signs Your Website  is begging for a refresh

Sure Signs Your Website is begging for a refresh

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

With the New Year just around the corner, many small business marketers are in the throes of planning their 2020 budget spend. 

One subject that commonly comes up is whether (and to what extent) to update the company website. Of course, business goals and strategy will ultimately determine how funds are spent. But with websites, there’s always room to improve aesthetics, performance, searchability or security. Here are three signs that your site is asking for help.

1. It isn’t engaging or memorable.
If the site’s photography, color palette or other visual elements are outdated, it won’t stand out or connect emotionally with your visitors. An objective review of the overall look, as well as alignment with current design trends, will reveal where a refresh is needed. 

2. It’s out of step with standards.
Up to 65% of all web traffic comes from mobile devices, so your site must be mobile-friendly. Similarly, pages must load quickly on all devices or people will bail, and the search engines will ding you. Security best-practices call for regular software updates and data backups, as well as controlling administrative access. 

3. A high bounce rate. Anything higher than 40% to 60% can point to poor or irrelevant content, navigation issues or general lack of engagement.