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Store Signage Checklist – Steps to Keep Signs Fresh

Store Signage Checklist – Steps to Keep Signs Fresh

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Today’s marketers know that quality signage is essential for success. Every day, banners, posters, POS displays and other pieces help entice buyers, move product and add to the shopping experience. Except for when they don’t. If staff gets busy and upkeep gets back-burnered, once vibrant signs and displays can quickly lapse into ugly, outdated eyesores. 


Follow these tips to keep your store’s visual assets working hard and looking great, all year round.

First, grab your creative team and go for a stroll. Scrutinize all customer-facing real estate, including the lobby, showrooms, waiting rooms, merchandise displays and counters. Don’t forget the building’s exterior (and restrooms). Inventory and assess all forms of signage. Are they fresh-looking, free of dirt and in excellent repair? Would changing the type or number of signs improve your customer’s experience? Are all headlines informative and engaging? Well-kept signs reflect positively on your brand, so you’ll project a more professional image when all pieces feature the most current logo, color palette and fonts. Is your business active on social media? Integrate social icons and requests for likes, reviews and follows into POS and countertop signs. Call PIP today for more sign-freshening ideas and tips.

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