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Social Media in 2020: predicted trends to help you plan

Social Media in 2020: predicted trends to help you plan

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Hootsuite has published a global study of internet, social and mobile adoption across more than 200 countries.

Results include eye-opening forecasts about next year’s social media trends. 

1. Consumers’ use of social media to research products before buying will continue to climb. Currently, some 28% of users rely on social media for this purpose, a number which has grown steadily every year― particularly among younger, mobile-first consumers (mostly at the expense of search engines). 

2. Instagram use among people aged 45 to 56 will jump significantly, says Hootsuite, which also predicts that the platform will “continue to develop… and become brands’ new home.” 

3. Social video evolution. Traditional uses of social video will soon become “table stakes,” but the medium will begin transforming in 2020 to meet audiences’ expectations. 

4. Social e-commerce. Instagram already permits businesses to build online digital storefronts, so “expect to see more companies shorten the path between awareness videos and direct purchases on social platforms.” 

5. The rise of regulation. “It’s the end of the Wild West,” laments Hootsuite, so in 2020, “You can expect that major social platforms will be regulated.” The impact on marketing? TBD, so stay tuned to Dynamark.