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Powerhouse Event Marketing Strategies

Powerhouse Event Marketing Strategies

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Sources suggest that up to 85 million people in the US attend more than a quarter-million conferences, trade shows and conventions annually, making event marketing a legitimate consideration for any growth-minded business. Cost notwithstanding, few would deny the potential returns of face-to-face marketing—networking, brand awareness, lead generation and more. But turning potential into a payoff requires clear goals and careful planning—before, during and after the event. 

Pre-Event Marketing

Start with a strategy targeting high-value prospects, influencers or prospective partners, then develop a plan that includes realistic objectives and expectations, as well as lead-capturing methods and ways to measure success. Make sure your display and signage are updated and in good repair. A few days prior, conduct a buzz check of social media and the conference website for last-minute prospecting or networking opportunities.

During the Event

Make sure all team members have complete command of your “elevator pitch.” Stumbling and spluttering over core brand or company messaging can torpedo your credibility and image. Stock plenty of marketing materials such as brochures, handouts and business cards. Budget permitting, bring along good-quality branded promo items, such as clothing or tech gear. 

After the Event

Even hot leads can go cold within a few days. As soon as possible, populate your website and social media channels with event-related posts, photos and video. Create an event-specific database and follow up with a personalized email and/or drip (nurture) campaign. Use these channels to offer show-goers additional value items, such as a demo, webinar or free consultation.