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Pitch ‘Em Like a Pro top 4 press-release emailing tips

Pitch ‘Em Like a Pro top 4 press-release emailing tips

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Like most marketers, you know the value of adding publicity
to your mix.

Press coverage can instantly boost your company’s credibility or position it as an industry thought leader. Getting on an editor’s or journalist’s radar typically begins by emailing them your press release and, if you have any, creative story ideas or ‘angles.’ While you’re hoping they go for your pitch, they’re hoping your ‘news’ will interest, educate or entertain their readers. Journalistic gatekeepers receive a flood of emailed pitches. Following these tips–and getting professional writing help, if you need it–can boost your chances of getting covered. 

1. Compile a targeted list and personalize each pitch. Research the writer and publication, and only send news that’s relevant to their niche.

2. Be brief, show value. Keep your pitch under 100 words and bulletize most of those.

3. Fine-tune the subject line. Use 5-7 words to tell why your release is newsworthy. Avoid hyperbole such as “Year’s Best Story!,” and dullards like “Pitch” and “Article Idea.” These will earn a trip to the trash. 

4. Attach… nothing. When pitching stories, PR pros provide links to images and other story-writing resources, and so should you. In the age of phishing, spam and viruses, links are the accepted standard.