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Old-School Advice for New Mobile Marketers

Old-School Advice for New Mobile Marketers

in Marketing 101

If you think there are new rules for mobile marketers, think again. Everything you need to know you probably learned in Marketing 101. That’s the lesson that Emerson College marketing professor Jeffrey Myers is teaching marketers.

“Digital marketing, especially mobile, is not all that new and different. It is simply another media channel, a sophisticated step up, not unlike radio was to newspapers or TV was to radio,” Myers schooled in a recent post for Venture Beat. “And, like the early days of broadcasting, digital marketing is in its infancy, a nascent technology that its practitioners are trying very hard to understand and fully leverage.”

Remember the Fundamentals: Customers, Not Technology, Come First

Instead of trying to apply new marketing ideas to mobile marketing, learn how to adapt the time-tested fundamentals instead. A disciplined mobile campaign, governed by solid strategy, will provide greater relevance to your overall integrated marketing program.

As presented by Myers, here are three classic marketing lessons to remember:

  • Customer Satisfaction: The death of brands—Simply keeping consumers satisfied is like getting a “C” in school. Aim for an “A” every time: a loyal customer. Use mobile to help you stay in touch with your most loyal customers.
  • Brands Take Time—Iconic brands such as Coca-Cola, Disney or Nordstrom have developed their reputations slowly, over time. Although the immediacy of a mobile marketing campaign can be gratifying, the true impact of mobile marketing on your overall integrated marketing strategy will take time to cultivate and measure.
  • You’ll Never Sell a Confused Consumer Anything—If customers don’t understand the value proposition of your product or service, they won’t buy it. Especially with mobile marketing, you will need clear content.