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Leverage These 3 Trends to Boost your Mid-year Momentum

Leverage These 3 Trends to Boost your Mid-year Momentum

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Today, in mid-2020, it’s not just younger people who demand great service or socially responsible practices when choosing their favored brands. 

Realizing this and tweaking your marketing mix accordingly could boost sales and help you gain (or sustain) momentum heading into summer. Meet with your team to explore ways to respond to—and profit from—public expectations regarding: 

1. Company values. The preference for brands, large and small, that demonstrate social and environmental responsibility is stronger than ever. To show your commitment in this area, you could implement a recycling program, use more “green” products and/or suppliers, and explore ways to reduce the use of plastic. 

2. Online reviews. This trend isn’t new but it is one that customers of all ages increasingly use, and most importantly, trust—especially over marketing content. Give people a great experience and they’ll reciprocate with favorable reviews, which can help drive traffic and sales. Ride this wave by polishing your profile on Yelp, Google My Business and similar review sites. 

3. Social stories and video livestreams. Leveraging this popular and growing trend does require more effort. But for many companies, deeper, more authentic audience engagement could be worth it over time.