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How Online Storefronts Give Remote Teams a Sharper Edge

How Online Storefronts Give Remote Teams a Sharper Edge

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In an age of e-this and social-that, it’s easy to forget that most companies still rely on traditional printed materials to market their products and services. 

True, websites have become the de-facto marketing medium. But in the trenches, seasoned sales pros still carry brochures, sell sheets, direct mail and other branded resources to land, close and nurture new accounts. Of course, those who manage or use printed materials always want production to be better, faster and more efficient—which could explain the resurgence of online storefronts (aka Web-to-Print) or W2P solutions.

W2P is a browser-based Web application that links digital, print-ready versions of your firm’s marketing collateral to a pre-determined print-production and delivery environment. After materials are designed and uploaded (often as pre-approved, branded templates), remote users can access, edit, personalize and output pieces on demand, 24/7. Brochures, mailers, and other materials that used to take weeks to produce can now be available in hours or minutes.

Excitement runs high with W2P users (and their bosses) because of measurable benefits such as: ease of use, speed of delivery, lower print costs and waste, and greater control over the company brand.

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