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Four Silly Sign Snafus and how you can avoid them

Four Silly Sign Snafus and how you can avoid them

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Savvy retailers know that in-store signage is essential to their success. Professionally produced signs not only advertise special deals and discounts, they guide customers smoothly throughout the facility, and help enhance the overall shopping experience. Examples include promotional, informational and wayfinding signs and, yes, even the lowly floor mat. 

Entryway Screaming

First impressions matter and it’s tempting to post entry signs that demand your shoppers’ attention. But it’s best to keep this signage simple and enticing: company name, phone number and hours.

Merchandise Mismatches  

To avoid embarrassing encounters and price adjustments at the point of sale, make signs sync up with the products being offered. 

Outdated Branding 

When your logo and other branding changes, make sure signage is also updated. Otherwise you’ll dilute your image and appear amateurish. 

Revealing Employee Signage

Signs that describe behavior standards, dress code and conduct aren’t meant for public consumption. Seeing them is awkward and uncomfortable for customers, and can even undermine a positive brand perception. Post employee-only signs discreetly where guests will never, ever see them.

Signage must be designed so that the important information is easily conveyed at a glance. Make sure the first time someone reads your sign they immediately understand the most important information—what you are selling.