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Five Keys to DM Success – including one that SMBs forget

Five Keys to DM Success – including one that SMBs forget

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Know Your Audience

Pinpoint targeting does wonders for ROI. If you can’t easily build your own customized mail list, buy one from a reputable source. Consider renting if purchasing is too costly. 

Differentiate with Design

Some companies splurge on lists but skimp on design. Not you. Strong design practices help your message stand out, both in direct and electronic mail. Apply accepted principles. But don’t let them limit you. Seek a design professional if you lack talent in-house (some businesses forget this).

Sell Solutions, Not Products

Customers want solutions not widgets. Megan doesn’t just want a new dress, she wants to look thin and sexy on date night. Tom’s not seeking premium grass seed. He wants the street’s best-looking lawn. 

Put Emotion First, then Logic

Everyone is a little left-brained. But avoid trying to persuade with just a rational laundry list of features. People purchase on emotions, then apply logic to justify their decision. Know which feelings your direct marketing seeks to arouse, then appeal to them throughout. 

Remember the Basics

The direct mail piece you create represents who and what you are. Make it consistent with what you’re selling. If you are offering a high‑quality professional service, your direct mail piece needs to reflect that quality. Offers drive results. Make sure your enticements are truly alluring; also provide a strong call to action and a simple, effective response mechanism.

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