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FAQ: Low-hanging Fruit for a better web-user experience

FAQ: Low-hanging Fruit for a better web-user experience

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Regularly maintaining your company’s frequently asked questions section may sound like a snooze-fest, or intern busy work. But rest assured, it’s neither.

Taking time to anticipate and thoughtfully respond to visitors’ potential concerns can establish trust and eliminate objections that may prevent prospects from converting.

Of course, refreshing FAQs is virtually free. And the potential returns―greater transparency and better user experience―are well worth the effort. Here are some tips to consider before diving in:

1. Think like a first-time visitor. What reservations might they have about buying from you? Focus on relevancy, usefulness and removing barriers to conversion. This can include solving a common problem or offering helpful tips.

2. Use inbound customer-service communications, such as emails, feedback forms and support tickets, to source FAQs and topics. To gauge user sentiment, mine online forums for discussions about likes, dislikes and issues in your niche.

3. Write questions from the reader’s perspective and respond from yours, and always make sure to answer what’s asked―clearly, accurately and succinctly. Finally, remember to sprinkle Qs & As with relevant key phrases to punch up SEO performance―a tactic so easy, it’s almost like cheating.