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Event Marketing Trends – Are you beating these benchmarks?

Event Marketing Trends – Are you beating these benchmarks?

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Like most marketers, event pros are very competitive. They like to compare their strategy and results against others’, looking for ways they can come out on top. Earlier this year, Eventbrite polled 1000 practitioners to ask about trends, tactics and results—benchmarks you can use to see how your efforts compare: 

Social media influencers. 

Celebrity endorsements used to be a thing. But today, social media influencers are the new breed of celeb. With a sound strategy and some decent tools, event managers can connect with these movers and shakers (as all their loyal followers).
Benchmark: 63% of event marketers today rely on influencer marketing. 

Targeted emails. 

More than 90% of people check their email daily, making it a great audience-building channel. 
Benchmark: Nearly 80% of event marketers will use event email this year.
Average results: 26% open rate; 4.95% click-through rate; 0.8% unsubscribes. 

Experiential marketing (EM).
EM is all about giving event-goers the kind of experiences they seek: unique, personalized and memorable. Events’ large crowds and high‑energy buzz make experiential tie-ins, such as the highly popular VR pop-up, an ideal strategic add-on.
Benchmark: 95% of event pros who used EM last year deemed it effective.