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Embrace These Trends to improve video-marketing ROI

Embrace These Trends to improve video-marketing ROI

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Boost your returns by understanding these behavioral and technological shifts. 

Trend 1: Growing audience engagement. Even in the age of ad blockers, people still watch more than 500 million hours of YouTube video daily. If you educate, help or entertain viewers in some way, 75% will share your content with others. 

Trend 2: Live-video popularity. Livestreaming is a broadcast delivered in real time over the Internet. Its use is rising rapidly, thanks to better platforms and the proliferation of mobile devices. Viewers love the medium’s authenticity and spontaneity and are reported to most prefer “insider” and “behind-the-scenes” content. By 2020, video streaming could account for 82% of all online traffic. 

Trend 3: Advancing technology. Despite improvements in resolution and compression, video has, until recently, delivered the same basic (“flat”) viewing experience. Enter 360-degree video—a fast-emerging technology that enables marketers and storytellers to film products and environments in an immersive, stereoscopic format that lets viewers swipe, rotate and explore scenes at will. MarketingProfs reports that 360-degree video ads significantly outperformed traditional formats in every key metric, including views, shares, subscribes and click‑throughs.