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Email Marketing Tips – 3 steps to make a good thing better

Email Marketing Tips – 3 steps to make a good thing better

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

How many years have naysayers proclaimed the irrelevance (or even demise) of email marketing? Enough to make you stop taking them seriously. In 2019, more enlightened marketers will associate the medium with terms like ‘essential,’ and ‘indispensable.’ Why? Because they know it works. Studies show that you’ll reap $44 for every single dollar you spend on email, and that it converts 174% more buyers than social media. Still, despite its pulling power, some marketers still struggle to get such results. If that’s you, consider these proven, campaign-building suggestions: 

1. Check list practices.
Are sign-ups obvious, easy and non-intrusive? How long since you purged non-responders? Segment your target groups, because doing so can boost campaign click-through rates by 101%. 

2. Check your content.
Ensure that imagery and text (including subject lines) are inviting, attractive and targeted. Personalization increases open rates by 26%. In the message, avoid fluffy talk and get to the point (benefits and USP) quickly. Remember to use subheads and chunky content to make reading easy. 

3. Check mobile performance. Nearly half of all emails are opened on a mobile device, so mobile-friendliness—such as a one-column layout, larger fonts, easy-tap buttons, and above the fold CTAs—is a must.