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Direct Mail Is Dead? Don’t believe everything you hear.

Direct Mail Is Dead? Don’t believe everything you hear.

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Most digital marketing experts agree: email works, and will continue to be the modern practitioner’s goto, even as other media come into their own. But with so many contact streams in play–like apps, programs, social media and more–even highly organized teams or individuals can have trouble managing contacts.

Depending on which platforms you use or need to integrate, keeping lists manageable and actionable can be a confusing and time-consuming chore. This is why we recommend that you create a single, master contact list or database that you clean and update regularly. Why? After helping thousands of small businesses, we’ve found that consolidation and cleaning will not only help you sell more, it will help you sell more effectively, with greater efficiency and lower costs.

As with traditional direct mail, a clean, centralized email marketing list enables you to reach more of the right people (at the right time), while avoiding the ROI-blunting effects of high bounce rates and spam-filter intercepts. To maintain list integrity, be sure to cull bad addresses and bring in new ones. Also, use a double opt-in and ensure that all messages include a ‘profile-update’ link and clear opt-out method.

Bonus tip: adding video to email can boost conversions by up to 24 percent.