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Boost blog traffic like a boss – 3 quick and easy tips

Boost blog traffic like a boss – 3 quick and easy tips

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

We’ve said it for years: nearly every aspect of your marketing can benefit from blogging — from branding and awareness building to thought leadership and organic SEO. 

Blogs are among the most trusted online information sources, and B2B marketers who integrate articles into their content strategy reap 67% more leads, according to a recent study. Platforms like WordPress make it easy to get started; sustaining traffic over time is the bigger challenge. Here are three time-proven ways to do so. 

1. Hone your title-writing. Use active (not passive) verbs that promise your readers some value or benefit. Gain and hold their attention with words and phrases that evoke an emotional response (surprise, curiosity, fear, excitement).

2. Improve internal linking. This practice shows the “interrelatedness” of your content, which helps Google formulate a quality ranking. Simply identify sections that relate logically to one another and connect them with internal links. A thoughtful intrasite linking strategy can also help improve page views and bounce rates.

3. Feature visually attractive content. Humans are visual beings and as such like to engage with images, charts, infographics and other eye-grabbing elements. The payoff? Blog articles with images get up to 94% more views.