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Adobe Study Confirms Consumers’ Ravenous Email Appetite

Adobe Study Confirms Consumers’ Ravenous Email Appetite

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Adobe’s 2019 Email Usage Study of 1,000 U.S. adults reveals interesting and actionable insights for companies seeking to boost email marketing results.


It’s probably no surprise that consumers refresh their inboxes anywhere and everywhere―while eating, driving and watching TV; and even in the bed and bathroom. What may raise eyebrows is how much time they spend doing it: a whopping five hours per day: three hours looking at work email and two hours perusing personal accounts. Adobe says that this inbox fixation shows “how important email is in peoples’ everyday lives, [highlighting] a big opportunity for marketers to engage people in useful and relevant ways.” 

To optimize ROI, however, brands need to nail the personalization and the offer. Among Millennial audiences, for example, 46% want to receive personalized emails in their at-home accounts, compared with 43% of GenXers and a third of Baby Boomers. At work, 37% of Millennials want messages personalized, as do a quarter of the other two groups. The biggest turnoffs? Excessive frequency, followed by obviously bad data (e.g., offers to buy an already- purchased item, and recommendation/interest mismatches). Also, copy that’s too long or poorly written. Bottom line: know your audience and meet their expectations.