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Add More Meat to Your Content

Add More Meat to Your Content

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

If your company has an e-commerce site, you probably have lots of “thin” content that serves a very practical purpose: to describe each of your products. Often the image, description and price come straight from the manufacturer, with nothing unique about them.

Such functional product descriptions are fine for customers that are in the act of shopping or price comparing, but they don’t generally get shared or inspire your visitors to purchase. Arnie Kuenn, author of Accelerate! Moving Your Business Forward Through the Convergence of Search, Social & Content Marketing, says developing great product and service description pages can “take them from utility to exciting and engaging.” This, in turn, makes it more likely that people will want to share them with others.

Content that has personality can engage visitors and lead them to purchase or possibly link to your page. Kuenn compares it to having an enthusiastic salesperson in a store. “When you walk in and the salesperson demonstrates her knowledge and interest in the products she sells, you will be much more likely to make a purchase.”

You might be surprised at the traffic unique images can drive to your website. In an image search, the same exact photo for a product can come up multiple times for different sites. By taking your own photos of the product from new and interesting perspectives, yours will be the unique photos in the results. While enhancing your product pages may require an investment of time, effort and money, keep in mind that these improved pages will pay off long into the future.


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