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7 PR Outreach Tips: mind your methods, look like a pro

7 PR Outreach Tips: mind your methods, look like a pro

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Practitioners of the craft have called public relations (PR) “strategic communications efforts aimed at positively influencing how different audiences view and respond to a company.” Successful outreach, such as story pitches, can help your business gain exposure, amplify acquisitions, attract strategic partners and draw in new talent. Despite these potential paybacks, many small firms hesitate to tackle PR in-house.


That’s where do-and-don’t strategies like these can come in handy:

Do set a goal. What do you want to achieve? Is it to support a product launch, appeal to influencers, or attract investors? 

Do perfect your pitch. Be clear, compelling and concise, ensuring that your single-sentence value prop includes: the problem you solve, for whom, and the uniqueness of your solution. Limit longer pitches to six or seven sentences. 

Do personalize emails to journalists and actively pursue just one writer at a time. 

Do be proper. Check punctuation, spelling and grammar. 

Don’t send generic, untailored pitches. It makes you look lazy and amateurish. 

Don’t write longwinded appeals or pester journalists incessantly. Don’t spray story pitches willy-nilly with no regard for reporters’ time zones or deadlines. 

And finally, never, ever suggest that a publication would be “lucky” to run your story (yes, it happens).