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4 Web Design Trends to boost your site’s performance

4 Web Design Trends to boost your site’s performance

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Mid-year is a great time to pause and assess whether your site is firing on all cylinders and performing as you expect.

Not sure? Check your design practices against these current trends.  

1. Mobile first architecture. Mobile search volume first surpassed desktop searches in 2015. Google responded and today elevates mobile-friendly sites higher in the search results. If mobile-readiness isn’t your first consideration, the user experience will suffer and Google will ding you for it.

2. Page load speed. Faster is better, both in Google’s eyes and website visitors’. The search giant rewards rapid loads with higher rankings, while users do so by not clicking away. 

3. Flat design. “Flat” refers to a clean, minimalist layout, devoid of huge photos, uncompressed video and bloated code. Primarily aesthetic in nature, page flatness is characterized by simple imagery, easy navigation and lots of open space.

4. Single page (aka “pageless”) design. This refers to piling all your content onto one page rather than into a siloed, menu-driven hierarchy. Like the other trends, this approach facilitates super-speedy page loads and seamless mobile viewing. Web designers also claim that having one (long scrolling) page converts better by reducing distractions and keeping visitors focused. 

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