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4 Tips for Improving Your Website User Experience (UX)

4 Tips for Improving Your Website User Experience (UX)

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Usability guru Neil Patel defines UX as “the set of behaviors that consumers display when interacting with a website…including their impressions, based on how easy and pleasant it is to use.” Fortunately, even modest improvements can give your visitors a more useful and usable experience. Acknowledging that some Google Analytics (GA) proficiency will simplify the task, we recommend starting with sitewide basics.

1. First,

make sure you’ve implemented responsive web design. This ensures an optimal experience, regardless of user device type or screen size.

2. Next, use GA

and/or Google’s free, online PageSpeed Insights tool to check your site’s page-load speed. Faster is better, as 40% of users will bounce away after three seconds.

3. Work with your web team or agency

to compress image sizes, migrate videos to YouTube, Vimeo or similar platform, check hosting performance and other technical factors.

4. Finally, don your first-time user hat

and look for potentially confusing navigation, content and elements (buttons, too). Be objective. Is the design clean and consistent throughout? Is information relevant and easy to find? Improving almost any UX factor can boost performance and lead to an increase in conversions, loyalty and ROI. So, why not start today?