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3 Trends to Guide Your Loyalty and Engagement Programs

3 Trends to Guide Your Loyalty and Engagement Programs

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Brands that effectively prioritize retention and leverage loyalty data are reaping huge rewards, says a recent 3Cinteractive survey of U.S. marketers. Nearly 65% of brands reported a year-over-year increase in loyalty-program membership. Many have moved beyond traditional “spend-and-get” programs, seeking new and innovative ways to deepen engagement by adding value. Understanding these trends could help sharpen your company’s current and future initiatives.

1. New Program Models. More brands have adopted omni and multi-channel programs, which seamlessly connect customers to brands across online and offline touchpoints, and increase opportunities to earn more rewards as they spend, share and refer.

2. Consumer Expectations. Adobe’s reports that demand for personalized content has never been higher, while other studies confirm a correlation between personalization and customer satisfaction. Another growing trend is the expectation of corporate responsibility. Forbes reports that 81% of millennials believe brands should visibly champion worthwhile social and environmental causes. 

3. Emerging Technologies. Gartner predicts that by 2020, AI chatbots will manage 85% of customer relationships, mostly resolving common issues, such as order placement and follow-up.