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3 Tradeshow Marketing  Missteps and How You Can Avoid Them

3 Tradeshow Marketing Missteps and How You Can Avoid Them

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You could argue that tradeshows are a bigger deal for small companies than for their larger, more cash-flush counterparts. 

Because smaller firms typically attend fewer events—maybe just one or two per year—each outing represents a major investment of time, talent and other resources all of which must be integrated and optimized to assure maximum ROI. Avoiding these three common marketing mistakes can help you do just that. 

1. Vague goals, no metrics. Are you there to generate leads, network with potential partners, launch a product or recruit new talent? Whatever it is, be clear about goals and establish methods of measuring and quantifying success. 

2. A lackluster display. A modest-sized booth (and even tabletop displays) can be made more inviting with professionally produced signage, banners, graphics, and swag. “This isn’t the place to skimp,” cautions, adding that muddied messaging and uninviting booth imagery amount to nothing short of “tradeshow killers.” 

3. Uninvested booth staff.
Entrusting your brand and event presence to interns, temps or junior staffers is a great way to alienate visitors and squander potential opportunities. Instead, send confident, knowledgeable people who know your business well and can accurately represent your brand. 

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