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3 Tips for Improving Direct Mail Response and Results

3 Tips for Improving Direct Mail Response and Results

in InfoSource, Marketing 101

Just because mail volumes have dropped 30% since 2006 doesn’t mean this staple of small-business marketing has hit the proverbial skids.

On the contrary, response rates for house lists are up 176% and 194% for purchased lists over the same period. Why? Digital-weary consumers apparently enjoy engaging with mail, especially when it’s creative and personalized. According to Gallup, 95% of adults aged 18 to 29 feel positive about receiving personal mail. To keep your campaigns and ROI humming, integrate these practices into your planning, execution, and follow-up: 

1. Target the right audience.
Segmentation is a crucial step in getting good results. Seek outside assistance with list/data management if you lack that expertise.   

2. Be professional. Enlist trained graphic designers and copywriters for campaign development. They not only have the skills required to create attractive, compelling mailpieces, but they can also help you avoid missteps that drag down results, such as bad grammar and dull or over-busy layouts.  

3. Test, refine, repeat. Budget permitting, try different combinations of design, content, and offers until you hit upon a clear winner (with a measurably higher response rate). Change up one element and test against future pieces to find an even stronger combination. 


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