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Thinking Green When Promoting Your Business

Thinking Green When Promoting Your Business

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Green Tips for Creating your Promotional Tools

Many businesses are now supporting the green revolution by selling eco-friendly products, following green business practices and partnering up with environmental organizations. Going green does not only help protect the environment, because this also allows your business to project a good image to your market. You can go all out in supporting the green revolution by creating promotional materials in the most eco-friendly ways possible. Eco-friendly print materials complement your eco-friendly business and strengthen your effort in supporting green living.

• Maximize the use of your promotional tools. Use your promotional tools for dual purposes. For instance, you can announce a sale using postcards and use the back of the cards as a discount coupon. Instead of printing discount coupons on a separate paper, why not use the back of your cards as your discount coupons? This lessens the amount of paper to be used for printing which is very beneficial to the environment. Doing so also helps you to cut back on your marketing expenses.

• Proofread the content. Imagine the amount of paper that you will waste if you print your promotional tools twice because of typographical errors. Think about it. The rejected brochures that you ordered will go straight to the trash can, because you didn’t proofread. This delays the distribution of your print materials and costs you a lot of money too. Always make sure to proofread your print materials before having them printed online to save you from inconvenience.

• Choose eco-friendly printing. A green printing company can be your reliable partner in producing eco-friendly promotional tools. Your business will benefit a lot if you work hand in hand with a printer that shares the same value like yours. The printing service of an eco-friendly printer has a low impact on the environment, making them the ideal company to produce your print materials.