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How does using paper lead to more trees?

How does using paper lead to more trees?

in Green Matters

If America’s private landowners can’t make money as tree farmers, many will turn to other income sources for the land. The U.S. could lose 44 million acres of forest to development in the next 30 years.
What can be done?

Understand Forest Ownership

Land provides social, recreational and financial benefits. It can generate revenue for owners in many ways — one of the most environmentally friendly is by growing trees. Because 70 percent of U.S. forestland is privately owned, it is imperative that both the social and economic incentives to continue growing trees outweigh the financial rewards of sacrificing forests to development.

See the Forest and the trees

Have you heard someone suggest that by using less paper you can “save a tree”? The fact is, that when the demand for paper declines, tree farming also declines, taking all of the important ecological impacts like clean water and wildlife habitat right along with it. So if you decide to decrease your use of paper, don’t think you’re going to “save a tree.” The reality is that decreasing paper use may well cause a forest somewhere to be replaced by development.

The future of our forests depends on slowing the conversion of these precious resources and by managing them sustainably to ensure their economic, social and environmental benefits for generations to come. That means we’ve got to provide not only the financial incentive but also the education and tools for responsible forest management.