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Tips & Tricks for Social Media Adoption

Tips & Tricks for Social Media Adoption

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

As the consumption of content rises, the way that businesses interact with their clients also evolves. Here are five social media trends that marketers will definitely want to adopt in 2018. 

1. Video, video, video – Video is retained by consumers at a far higher rate than text advertising. 

2. Increased Adoption of Live Streaming – Streaming is also poised to become a $70B+ industry by 2021! 

3. Shifting Focus to Generation Z – Born between 1995-2012, Gen Z is heavily invested in visual, streaming and ephemeral content. 

4. Greater Investment in Influencer Marketing – The fastest growing marketing channel is influencer marketing, topping even search and email. 

5. More Mobile-Ready Content – As mobile grows, there’s a greater dependence on mobile-ready content and platforms from SMBs. 

Adopting or expanding your presence in these areas will help you remain competitive and remain on your audience’s radar.