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Tips & Tricks for Revving Up Website Performance

Tips & Tricks for Revving Up Website Performance

in Biz Tips

A high-quality site is a must for every small business, with improved sales, engagement and lead gathering often resulting. Obvious “givens” aside—a good domain name and user-friendly content management—other must-have practices for boosting performance and ROI include:  

Rock-solid basics. These include: a clear description of what you do, and the single core customer benefit you offer right on your homepage, along with: your phone number; easy-to-use navigation with short words and clearly marked buttons; plus, easily readable fonts and a clean, contemporary design. 

FAQs. They not only beef up content and help SEO, FAQs also provide information that’s not easily found on other pages. 

SEO. Optimizing for search involves practices such as keyword research and backlink building, combined with more technical factors like fast page loads, mobile friendliness and of course, security. 


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