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Tips & Tricks For Offering Freebies

Tips & Tricks For Offering Freebies

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

A freebie can be a gift or a sample of your product. Some products simply sell better when people know what it is they are getting. Freebies can make you feel like the company was truly grateful for your business, but keep these tips in mind: 

Make sure it has a high perceived value, not just another throwaway. It needs to attract people to your brand and help promote your business. 

If using product samples, make sure they are your best quality or you could risk hurting your sales instead. 

Consider how the freebie is packaged. Will it be mailed in an envelope, hand delivered, shipped in a box? Good packaging can turn a mediocre freebie into a special gift. 

Call us for help selecting an item for your freebie offer. We have access to thousands of promotional products and we can help package it for perfection! Need help getting it out the door? Rely on us for full-service fulfillment services, as well. 

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