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Tips & Tricks for improving email deliverability

Tips & Tricks for improving email deliverability

in Biz Tips

More than 85% of companies polled by the Content Marketing Institute disseminate information through email marketing, with deliverability (actually getting to the inbox) being a critical campaign-performance metric. Here are some ways to keep that number high, while avoiding spam-blocking issues with future campaigns:

1) Remove inactive contacts. Unopened emails signal Internet Service Providers (ISPs) that your messages are unwanted, and recipients are not engaged.

2) Focus on content. Pushing out low-value, hard-selling emails will alienate readers and drag down open rates.

3) Avoid batch-and-blast techniques. Sending out the same unpersonalized message to a large group is spammy and bad for deliverability—and business.

4) Make unsubscribing easy. This helps maintain goodwill and discourages subscribers from marking your messages as spam. Always make unsubscribe link(s) easy to spot.