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Tips & Tricks  for DIY Video

Tips & Tricks for DIY Video

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

Video is the secret weapon for integrated marketers who use it for emails, social, Web, and much more. Many DIY videos look as polished as those shot by pros, but marketers need to follow these tips to keep it professional and credible. 

1. If you’re using a phone, shoot in landscape ― This way it properly fits on a viewer’s television or computer screen.

2. Get a tripod ― Your video should not look like it was shot during a tsunami, while at sea. 

3. Think like a moviemaker ― Multiple takes wears on the psyche of the actor. Set them up to succeed. 

4. Cut it short ― Attention spans are short and time is of the essence. Explainer videos should be no more than one minute. Video invitations should be :20-:30 seconds. 

5. Keep going ― You’ll make some great videos, you may churn some not-so great videos. Just keep forging ahead. They are well worth the time and a very cost-effective way to broaden your reach.