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Tips & Tricks Benefits of Good List Hygiene

Tips & Tricks Benefits of Good List Hygiene

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Despite the rise of digital marketing channels, printed mail continues to be a dependable go-to for small businesses. Last year, however, about 12% of Americans changed their home and/or business address. So, whether campaigns are handled in-house or outsourced, prioritizing list quality definitely has its rewards: 

1. Financial Benefits: Higher returns on your printing and production investment. An accurate list reduces returned pieces (and in turn, postal costs), while giving recipients a chance to see your offer and take action on it. 

2. Strategic Benefits: Undeliverable mail not only drives up expenses, it robs you of opportunities to brand-build and to satisfy your audience’s wants, needs and expectations.

3. Operational Benefits: Reduced delivery times. Techniques such as a standardized format, along with Zip+4 codes and other information can speed deliveries by up to two days.