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Tips & Tricks – 6 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

Tips & Tricks – 6 Tips for Marketing to Millennials

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

Traditional marketing strategies that have worked in the past, are not as effective with the new Millennial generation. Adapting to the way they think may even result in better processes for your business. How do you do it?

1. Don’t “sell” them. Don’t talk at them. Convince them with facts.

2. Match how they communicate. Reach them on social media and apps; most viewing occurs on a mobile device.

3. Be informative, but be quick. They’re curious—and busy. 

4. Don’t try to dupe them. They’re informed and can smell disingenuous content a mile away. 

5. Appeal to their emotions. Make them laugh, make them cry; appeal to their beliefs.

6. Be a subject matter expert. By being an expert, you will build a relationship with them that will last.

This is the next generation of buyers and understanding them will help your business as you grow and go into the future.