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Tips & Tricks for Marketing to Millennials

Tips & Tricks for Marketing to Millennials

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

Drawn from Inc. Magazine, below are 12 tips on how to appeal to a Millennial. Gaining their loyalty is no small task considering they grew up with far more marketing platforms and messaging being thrown at them than the generation before them. Here are a few tips on how to get – and keep, their attention: 

  1. Let your audience be your star
  2. Optimize content for social
  3. Focus on word of mouth
  4. Meet them in person
  5. Give them an instant response
  6. Appeal to their values
  7. Be transparent and authentic
  8. Sell value, not products
  9. Reviews matter: social proof
  10. Establish relationships with influencer
  11. Provide an interactive experience
  12. Provide a wealth of information