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The Basics of Video Marketing

The Basics of Video Marketing

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

Video marketing has never been more effective at converting prospects into leads than it is today. And since Google likes video, so should you! Here are a few tips to get your project started: 

Equipment. Good, expensive equipment is nice, but not necessary for many types of video. 

Keep the video short and punchy. Short attention span means short video. Explainer videos are a great way to get and stay in front of your customers with a series of video shorts. 

Create a story people care about. If you are just going to shill your product, forget it. 

Add a call-to-action button. Don’t just send them into the black-screen abyss. End the video with a call to action. 

Post the video in multiple locations. Decide who your audience is and post it wherever your demographic is. 

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