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Glowing Predictions for Digital Signage

Glowing Predictions for Digital Signage

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

The adoption of digital signage will continue its steady uptick, if the respondents to
Digital Signage Today’s 2019 Future Trends Report follow through with their stated plans. Data from the survey reveals, for example, 63% of banks already have some digital signage or plan to add it in the future. More than half of restaurants polled say they plan to put digital signs into additional locations, while 40% of retailers expect future digital deployments. Researchers say that adoption will be driven by the quickening pace and magnitude of technological improvements, including: 

1. AI-powered analytics that sift through historical customer data at lightning speeds, enabling companies to deliver  more personalized content. 

2. More robust systems, including hardware that won’t just get smarter but also cheaper and more secure.