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Better DM ROI: Ask and You Shall Receive

Better DM ROI: Ask and You Shall Receive

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

“The wise don’t give the right answers, they pose the right questions.” No doubt esteemed anthropologist Claude Lévi-Strauss’ cerebral insight was meant for his academic colleagues. But thoughtful probing also benefits modern-day marketers who seek to optimize returns on direct mail. Besides being clear about goals, budget and metrics, make sure your campaign plan clearly answers queries like: 

1. Are we certain about the target audience? Confirm your assumptions and verify segmentation. 

2. Does a user benefit accompany each feature? List and rank both in a table before writing any copy. 

3. What are the design possibilities? To maximize impact, encourage teams to push the creative envelope.

4. Do we need specialized help? Enlist outside resources if you lack in-house expertise.

In the end, better questions yield better results.


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