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Be Found with Signage

Be Found with Signage

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

What does your external signage say about your business? What is your customer’s first impression from the curb, parking lot or lobby? The Small Business Administration recently took a look at six areas marketers should consider to create more effective external signage. 

Convey the Brand Promise. Your main external sign is a key branding tool for you, keep it visible to customers and potential customers 24/7. 

Remain Practical. You may not have control over the precise font used on your sign or where it hangs, but you can control its clarity and legibility. 

Know Your Local Regulations. Every city has distinctive zoning regulations for commercial business signs. It would be beneficial to know them in advance. 

Visibility. Is your business difficult to see from the road? 

Supplemental Signage. They found you from the street, now what? Give them signage at the entry and on the walls in the lobby with supplemental banners, window clings or posters. 

Keep Signs Spotless. Put the time and effort into proper maintenance and cleanliness 


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