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Are You Ready to Enter the Blogosphere?

Are You Ready to Enter the Blogosphere?

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

A company blog is an excellent way to share your industry expertise with clients and to create keyword-rich content for search engines. A recent Marketing Sherpa B2B Marketing Benchmark Report indicated that 70% of B2B marketers surveyed were writing on a company blog. Here are eight tips for starting a blog:

1. Establish a goal. Whether it’s offering commentary on industry trends or sharing educational content, know what you want your blog to do.

2. Develop keyword lists to incorporate into blog posts. A good keyword strategy is essential to generating the biggest search engine optimization (SEO) impact from your blog.

3. Create an editorial calendar that addresses a different market sector each week and ensures that the blog’s content covers SEO keywords and phrases.

4. Enlist key team members as blog authors. Having multiple blog authors lessens the burden on any one person and creates a natural diversity in phrasing and word use.

5. Provide writing guidelines such as word count.

6. Set generous deadlines, but be sure the writers are staying on track.

7. Select an editor to polish posts in terms of clarity and keyword use and to find appropriate images and links to other website content.

8. Share metrics, comments and success stories. Be sure to praise and encourage blog authors for their work and share reader comments.