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7 Reasons to Clean your email list today

in Biz Tips, InfoSource



Proactive email list cleaning is an essential part of any successful email marketing strategy. 

Increase email deliverability. As your deliverability rate lowers, so does your reputation with internet service providers (ISPs). 

Reduce your bounce rate. Bounce rate is a vital sign indicating the general health of your email list. 

Protect your reputation. Undelivered emails and spam traps can do a number on your sender reputation in a hurry. 

Avoid spam traps. Spam traps (honeypots), are valid email addresses created expressly for the purpose of catching spammers at work and can even get you blacklisted by ISPs. 

Increased data accuracy leads to superior strategies. Dead leads in your database hurt your deliverability and lower your stats. 

Cleaning your email list will generate immediate positive results that bring you greater returns on the time, energy, creativity, and money that you invest in your mailing campaigns. 


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