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6 Tips to Digital Signage Deployment

6 Tips to Digital Signage Deployment

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

Deploying a digital sign system? It’s critical you start with a good strategy. Strategy is what makes digital signage displays work and fulfill company objectives. 

With these six steps, you can create a digital signage strategy that will help market your business more effectively. 

1. Set goals. What action do you want someone to take? 

2. Position your screen(s). Think about where someone might be standing or sitting and what information you should serve up. 

3. See what content you have to show. Collateral, video or social media, and make it compelling. 

4. Create anticipation. Tease upcoming offers or promotions. 

5. Use UGC to engage audiences. Adding review and social media sites to your digital signage screen will add authenticity to your marketing. 

6. Review and adjust. Nothing is set in stone. Change, refresh and redesign at any time.