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5 Reasons to Consider Printed Newsletters

5 Reasons to Consider Printed Newsletters

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

1. They’re new again. With all the focus on social media, email and blogs to develop an audience, printed newsletters are a rarity. 

2. The printed word is perceived as credible. Since only the best literary and news magazines have survived the digital revolution, we now have a heightened sense of credibility when it comes to printed matter. 

3. They do wonders for customer retention. If you need to direct your efforts to customer retention, then a newsletter sent through the U.S Postal Service can work wonders. 

4. Printed material can be read offline. During unplugged time, printed material reigns supreme. 

5. Better Response Rate. The ease of ignoring email news-letters is another reason why printed newsletters stand out. 

Conclusion: Digital is here to stay, but there’s still room for printed material. It’s definitely worth exploring as an important and effective part of your overall marketing strategy.