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4 Ways to Segment Direct Mail Lists

4 Ways to Segment Direct Mail Lists

in Biz Tips

Direct mail continues to be a mainstay of small-business marketing, mostly because it works and, with effective list management, can be super-economical. Accurately segmenting and mailing to those with the highest propensity to buy or convert can reduce campaign costs and boost ROI. Four widely used audience segmentation methods include: 1) Geographic―for targeting prospects in a specific area (e.g., near your store). 2) Demographic―used to reach people based on traits such as age, gender or income. 3) Psychographic―typically pairs demographics with data related to hobbies, personal values and personality traits. 4) Sales-stage―aka customer status segmentation―aims for those who are in a particular stage of the buying cycle, often to move them to the next or final stage. Take your direct marketing campaigns to the next level with Dynamark. 


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