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3 tips for your Video Content

3 tips for your Video Content

in Biz Tips, InfoSource

Admit it. Somewhere in the recesses of your brilliant marketing brain is a small but persistent voice telling you to produce more video. And why not? It’s the hottest marketing tool around, and will account for 80% of all internet traffic in 2019. So go ahead. Jot down some topics, targets and channels, and bust out your favorite camera (or cell phone). Then use these simple tips to drive epic marketing results.

1. Get a tripod. You’ll want it for interviews, product close-ups and other shots that should be jitter-free.

2. Create helpful how-to’s. Being helpful builds credibility, trust and engagement.

3. Showcase staff. Feature real-life reps and in-house pros to humanize your firm and build audience rapport. Remember to script or outline your shoot, and for best results, limit length to between 30 seconds and two minutes.